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Keep reading to see all of the same-sex couples who have walked down the aisle or have wedding bells in the near future!

Famous Gay Couples Who Are Engaged or Married

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Famous Gay Couples Who Are Engaged or Married | POPSUGAR Celebrity

A Stark Discovery: The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Now You Know. Entertainment News Game of Thrones: Though this is slowly starting to change in many parts of the world, LGBT love continues to be stigmatized. Growing up with rigid and narrow socialization can create conflict when pairing up two individuals of the same gender looking for intimacy and emotional connection. Having to face so much adversity has actually enabled many of us to be quite resilient in the face of stress and makes us good candidates for partnerships with the right focus and determination.

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There are many long-term relationships that can vouch for fulfillment of this dream and speak of happiness and bliss in their coupled status. There is no specific blueprint or formula for how to maintain a lasting and successful relationship. One of the beauties of being gay is that we can create our own definitions of what constitutes an ideal relationship for ourselves.

We are not hampered by restrictive gender roles and norms like our heterosexual counterparts. Each couple develops their own unique partnership that works for them. That being said, there are some universal qualities that can promote a more solid and functional relationship over the long haul for partners seeking long-term connection and happiness.

31 Same-Sex Celebrity Couples Who Put a Ring on It

This helps to keep the mystery and intrigue alive in the relationship that exists with contrast. Who wants to have an exact replica of themselves they interact with on a daily basis? What is absolutely critical, however, is that both partners will have a smoother and more fulfilling relationship if they share comparable value systems.

mail.mccurdycandler.com/134.php This forms the foundation of what the couple believes in and is the diving board from which they co-create a vision for their future together as a united front and alliance for life. This involves direct and honest dialogue about the mundane aspects of life to the serious thoughts and feelings that get triggered as a part of relationship dynamics.

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Listening skills are primed and each feels like an active participant in the relationship. Issues are not swept under the rug and are dealt with immediately in an assertive and caring way.

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They are open to compromise and sacrifice and always keep a teamwork stance in negotiating their differences. Striking a positive balance of both brings in just enough freshness and vitality to the relationship where boundaries are strong and healthy.

32 Gay Hollywood Couples

Each partner feels supported by the other for striving for their own personal growth and goals without feeling threatened because the relationship vision is also being attended to simultaneously. Life can be stressful, so why add to the tension with a hardened demeanor?

Successful couples are those that are playful with each other, enjoy a humorous banter between them and feel energized by such things as tickling, cracking jokes, pulling pranks on each other and being perverted with each other. The happiest couples tend to report enjoying nonsexual affection in their daily lives through spontaneous touch, verbal strokes, holding hands, cuddling and massage.

They also understand the importance of maintaining a passionate, sexual connection through regular pleasuring sessions and keeping their erotic lives energetic and enjoyable.